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A collection of precious carpets dating from the mid-twentieth century to the current day. They are inspired by original antique models, whose values they express, along with the honour of representing one of the highest expressions of Oriental, and particularly Persian, art and culture.
Vaunting a tradition handed down for over three generations, Golran continues its fascinating search for prized pieces, also selecting contemporary master knotters capable of freely interpreting the models of the past without distorting them, but rendering them in a style more appropriate to today’s needs and lifestyles.The decorations and patterns are rich and elaborate, like the use of colours, embellished with elegant working techniques using precious yarns like wool and silk.
Like their illustrious antique models, they not only exemplify the art of weaving, but are also capable of giving rooms a strong, personal style.



Composition : Wool, Silk
Sizes : Various sizes

Each piece is one of kind, to see the available pieces please register here


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