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Decolorized COLLECTION

Carpet Reloaded is the culmination of a careful and thorough effort of research and experimentation, emblematic of Golran’s century-plus of experience
in the world of top-quality carpets. A decoration capable of extraordinary modernity while still remaining faithful to the most authentic tradition, an iconic collection, available in two variants: Decolorized and Patchwork. The Decolorized models are paragons of antique Oriental carpets selected by Golran, subjected to a decolorization process and then colored again with monochromatic plant dyes, resulting in very different carpets, on a case- by-case basis. The Patchwork models are one-offs made by stitching together, with great intentionality, sections
of carpets that have been decolorized and then re-dyed, making it possible to create carpets of the size desired and with an even more distinctive visual effect.
* The Carpet Reloaded collection consists entirely of one-offs. We recommend contacting our company to check on availability of specific models and sizes



Fabrication : Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool, Cotton
Sizes : Various sizes

Each piece is one of kind, to see the available pieces please register here


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