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Garden of Eden COLLECTION

The new collection of rugs Garden of Eden designed by India Mahdavi takes Persian gardens as a source of inspiration, forming a connection with a tradition belonging both to Golran’s history as well as Mahdavi’s eclectic background. For Golran, India Mahdavi designed a collection distinguished by a pattern of smooth leaves. Gradually overlapping toward the centre, they seem swept up by the wind, carried by a gust travelling over the centuries-old tradition of Persian carpets.The first “garden” is more classic, having a rectangular format, a generously framed central decoration, and zigzag edges to replace the fringes. The second is created by removing the central pattern from the initial design, to reveal a wild garden. The extraction of this piece creates a freer, all-over pattern, resulting in an irregularly shaped rug suited to the furnishing of less conventional spaces. By breaking out of the confines of shape and adding movement, India Mahdavi offers a new interpretation of carpets inspired by Eastern gardens.

The collection is available in four colourways, a range of four colourways renders homage to the months and seasons: March is green, June is honey yellow in anticipation of summer, September has warm orange tones, and December is black and white.


Fabrication : Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool
Sizes : RECTANGULAR 310 x 230 cm, 350 x 260 cm, 400 x 290 cm
Sizes : FREE SHAPE 267 x 200 cm, 310 x 230 cm, 380 x 280 cm
Custom size on request
Custom shape on request

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