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In this collection created in partnership with Piero Lissoni, even the name, Hunua, reflects the deliberately universal nature of the project. Unua is in fact the first book ever written in Esperanto, a symbol of universal dialogue between peoples, fruit of the cultural nomadism that now enriches our past traditions with new meanings. The rugs in the collection combine the know-how of Golran, seen in the artisanal skills and the choice of elegant materials such as silk, with the innovative research of Piero Lissoni. Within each rug the different weaves, constructed tone-on-tone to create a single composition, form a visual whole that gives the sense of a precious and varied mosaic: its structure is that of an elegant collage of monochrome graphic embroidery. The collection is available in five colourways – blue, white, steel, red and bronze, and combines the art of Nepalese handcraft and rug making with the most sophisticated of tailor-made sartorial details, illustrating how different techniques and traditions can be combined to create elaborate artefacts.



Fabrication : Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool, Silk, Hemp, Allo
Sizes : 300 x 200 cm, 305 x 245 cm, 360 x 250 cm, 400 x 300 cm,
Custom size on request
Custom shape on request

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