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The Lake collection designed by Raw Edges is conceived as a contemporary reconsideration of the Persian carpet. The inspiration comes from the lenticular art of Yaacov Agam, an Israeli artist who has revolutionized the world of optical perception in art. The shimmering design is capable of shifting from vivid daylight colors to the more delicate hues of evening, shifting like the watery reflections on the surface of a lake. This illusion, created through a lenticular optical technique, is transferred into the art of carpet weaving through the work of Golran’s expert artisans. The collection has been nominated in the Best British Patterns category for the 2014 Elle Decoration British Awards, and it won the 2015 Wallpaper Design Award in the category of Best Optical Illusion.



Floral Lake :

Fabrication : Lenticular, Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool
Sizes : 300 x 200 cm, 300 x 260 cm, 380 x 280 cm,


Fabrication : Lenticular, Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool, Silk
Sizes : 300 x 200 cm, 300 x 260 cm, 380 x 280 cm,

Custom size, shape, color on request

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