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The Paralleli collection embodies the tendency, long intrinsic to the work of Dimorestudio, to bring together different materials and eras, expressing them in a new key. Through the tactile qualities embodied by carpets, Paralleli is rich in Baroque evocations of embroideries, edgings, cornices, and ornamental motifs, revisitations in a personal context of Persian and Indian designs which contrast with the essential quality of exquisite monochromatic inserts and references to contemporary art. Geometric forms and lines hearken back to American postpictorial minimalism and abstractism. Stitching these different worlds together in textile form are the metallic inserts, like so many staplings, and the visible heavy stitchings. The collection is available in three different variants, with specific chromatic juxtapositions and finishes.



Fabrication : Hand Knotted
Composition : Wool, Silk, Metal
Sizes : 300 x 250 cm, 350 x 260 cm, 400 x 300 cm,
Custom size on request
Custom shape on request

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