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Rhapsody is a collection of monochrome carpets positioned by a soft and natural color palette: a transversal passepartout for any type of environment, embellished thanks to an iridescent mélange with neutral and sophisticated tones. The carpets in the collection are characterized by the sensation of soft sheen, a delicate, elegant and at the same time warm and enveloping aesthetic. The collection consists of two different models depending on the thickness of the knotting surface, which gives greater three-dimensionality to both touch and sight.
*The NL version is knotted with a traditional technique to obtain a uniform and smooth effect, with more homogeneous tones of light. The TS models are instead the result of the combination of two techniques – traditional and loop – which give life
to a more dynamic and animated surface.


Fabrication : Hand Woven
Composition :  Bamboo silk
Sizes : 300 x 200 cm, 300 x 260 cm, 350 x 260 cm, 400 x 300 cm,
Custom size on request
Custom shape on request

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